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There are currently 3 different types of listings:

Profile Listings

Description of businesses that are active members of BarterPay - but may not currently be accepting new trade business.  All requests you have for products and services found in Profile Listings should be directed to your broker.  You must not contact a merchant based on their profile listing.

Directory Listings

Descripiton of products and services a member is currently offering and accepting new trade business for.   Please read and follow the instructions in the detailed listing as to how the client would like to receive new trade business.

Classified Listings

Specific products that members are offering and are available for purchase.  These items may be from their business or personal items that they wish to sell.

When do clients have a profile listing but no directory listing?

1)      Merchants that sell certificates – we are currently out of stock of their certificates and do not have confirmation on when we will be receiving more.

2)      Merchant has a steady on-going relationship with a number of customers on trade and feel that those relationships are generating sufficient TRADEdollars® for their needs.

3)      Merchant has done a large sale, or series of sales and is working on utilizing some of the TRADEdollars® they have already earned before taking on additional work.

4)      Merchant sells products and only offers specific products they are looking to move through the classifieds.

5)      Merchant only takes on jobs here and there and we get sufficient requests without a listing that a directory listing for the merchant will generate more requests than we can satisfy.